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Summer camp in Sitges



A day in the life of our children ...


When choosing an activity for our young ones to develop during Summer Holidays, we must take into account two factors:




- We want your children to take advantage of their time, to try new experiences, to share, to spend their energy on a beneficial way!


- We’re on our summer HOLIDAYS!!


But, it is also true that children grow and develop rapidly, and not only physically.



We, in Escuela De Arte En Movimiento, want to share with you, as parents, a new proposal:



Let your children discover a thousands of new possibilities by playing and having fun. Let them learn what they are capable of, with a personalized follow-up, using the most state of the art advancements and technology in children neuroscience.

The process that we are utilizing consists on an initial diagnosis of the child, followed by interpreting and analyzing the kids’ evolution, and finally elaborating a final diagnosis for parents to read and keep.

The main idea is that while children have fun, they also reinforce important skills, such as attention, retention, memory, spatial awareness, coordination, and more, which will help them support their own growth, and strengthen those areas where they need more development.


This will result in a fun summer game for our children, hand-to-hand with our best professionals, but also in a careful follow-up that will consolidate their achievements, and allow them to return renewed and refreshed to their activities once summer is over.


- Why should you bring your children to the Escuela De Arte En Movimiento?:


Our activities are incorporated as playful moments, used for the assimilation and balancing of all the areas that, depending on their age, children should achieve in their maturational development.


There is no downturn after the holidays, but, there is a better predisposition and performance, once the school year starts.


Let this dynamic be noticed in the family: happier children, happier parents too!




This Summer Campus is mainly based on art and artistic sports.


It is intended for children aged 3 to 12 (maximum 30 children).


It will be taught from July 10th to August 10th, Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. every day in the ESCUELA DE ARTE EN MOVIMIENTO, C / Carreta, 5 - bjos. 2nd - Sitges.


On August 10th, there will be a final exposition, open to families.


All materials used for our activities are included.


We also include mid-morning breakfast for children and two T-shirts that children will have to wear during the day on the Summer Campus (it improves the cohesion and identification of children, as well as the diminution of the differences both individually and in groups).


- The artistic activities will be:


- BALLET INITIATION (Body Placement / Postural Control).

- CREATIVE DANCE (Incorporation of dance as a playful and creative element).

- CHOREOGRAPHY (Space management, coordination, memory).

- THEATER AND STORYTELLING (Rediscover the art of inventing stories and representing them through the body).

- PLASTIC ARTS (Initiation to diverse techniques, to work their creativity and expressivity).

- DESIGN AND MODELS (Children build their games, and take them home, to continue playing!)


- Gymnastic and sport activities in contact with the environment:


Children will be divided by age groups according to their psychomotor development process.


The groups will be mixed: divided by age (from 3 to 5 years old / from 6 to 8 and from 10 to 12), although some activities may have subgroups according to their preference and affinity with the activity.




- Awareness of the body itself.

- Spatial Awareness.

- Dynamic relationship with other children.

- Development of basic motor skills through didactic material.

- Introduction to games and playing as a form of creating relationships with others and as a healthy way of entertainment and sociability.




- Learning the basic exercises of Gymnastics.

- Improving Coordination and Flexibility.

- Development of gymnastic exercises by pairs and groups.

- Development of musical sense and rhythm.

- Gymnastics as a way of developing hygienic and social skills.

- Gymnastics and exercise as a source of physical and mental health.




- Learning basic and advanced gymnastics exercises.

- Learning exercises with balls, ribbons and hoops.

- Development of choreographies by groups.

- Musical sense, rhythm, spatial awareness.

- Gymnastics and sports as a way to form and maintain a healthy body and mind.

- Development of flexibility, coordination, oculi-manual skills, strength and agility.

- Gymnastics and sports as a form of sociability, training habits and ethical values.



In the Summer Campus, one of our main objectives is the Development of Values, Attitudes and Health Habits through:


- Learning body exercises that allow children to be aware of those movements that can improve their health and well-being.


- Playing games as way of socializing, also learning respect for rules and other players.


- Development of companionship through collaboration between one another to achieve optimal results in exercises.


- Learning hygienic habits through physical activity and a proper nutrition.


- Motor and sensory development through music, dancing, movement and artistic creation.


- Introduction of gymnastic activities as a fun and playful way of development for our children.





- Personalized monitoring and attention throughout the Summer Campus for each student.


- Audiovisual support.


- 1 Day a week 100% activity on the beach.


- Weekly Construction Workshop in family.


- Final exhibition of everything developed and learned during the Campus.




Campus Coordinator:


Abigail Cusiné Rubio


Degree in Physical Education and Sports by the University of Barcelona


Master's Degree in Gymnastics INEFC Barcelona


Master’s Degree in Pedagogy by the University of Barcelona


Specialized in the direction of sports camps in the United States, Mexico and Spain.



Director of Escuela De Arte En Movimiento (School of Art in Motion):


Angelina Fabiola Caminos

(CV see on our web page)

Para poder llevar a termino el Campus. Se deberán rellenar y hacer llegar vía e-mail a o personalmente en C/Sant Josep 36-38, La Mano de Maya





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Consultas vía chat online, en la web, ó por teléfono llamando al 683 245 815.


  Descuentos de un 10% para segundo y un 15% tercer hermano/a (si es alguna de estas opciones, deberán  


tramitarlo personalmente, en C/Sant Josep, 36-38 - La Mano de Maya).



  Parte de lo recaudado con este Campus se destinará a la Fundación, para que sirva de beca a alumnos de 


familias más desfavorecidas a nivel económico.



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